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Hot Tattooed Babes Wearing American Flag Bikinis


These 12 women wearing American flag bikinis will light up your life and the blonde in photo eight is the sexiest USMC veteran on the planet.

Don't we all love a holiday celebrating the Red, White and Blue? We remember those that gave their life for the United States of America on the last Monday in May. We parade each November on Veteran's Day to honor those that served and sacrificed for our freedom. We light fireworks to ring in our nation's independence every July. And we get to see hot girls clad in scantily patriotic wear in the summertime. A lot of us get caught up in the excitement of an outdoor barbecue as we marinate the steaks and shuck the yellow corn, forgetting what the long weekend is all about. We wind up poolside or asleep on the beach hoping that our American flag swimsuit treats us as well as it does the ladies in this gallery.

While you're chugging Bud heavy and soaking up the sun this summer don't forget about those in the military—past and present—who risk(ed) it all for us to stare at babes in USA bikinis.