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Amputee Tattoos

Amputees have some of the funniest ink. After the loss of a body part some have shown the world that they are OK by getting a pun tattoo to show a little levity during a bad situation. These amputee tattoos are wildly creative and show that it is important to show good humor in the face of tragedy. The majority of people will never have to get one of these amputee tattoos but these restore our faith in the most resilient of humanity. If you know somebody who needs help getting over the loss of a limb please share this with them, it is sure to make them smile, and, perhaps it will inspire them to get their own funny piece. The more we show the culture that life goes on after the loss of a body part, the more we can show the true spirit of the tattoo community.

If this list compels you or someone you know to get a cool amputee tattoo please let us know! Send the piece and info to