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Amy Winehouse's Tattoos & Movie Trailer

Amy Winehouse has been jazzing up the Inked offices all day long; we can't stop listening to her groundbreaking voice. Not so coincidentally, the moving documentary Amy showcasing the stars life hit theaters nationwide today (now you know what we'll be doing tonight). The British gem stole hearts around the world long before she tragically passed of alcohol poisoning in July 2011 at the age of 27, just a short eight years after her first album Frank. Now, as we prepare to see Amy, we have no doubt our heartstrings will be tugged and our eyes will flood more times than once, seeing as the tearjerking trailer is an emotional roller coaster (see below). Winehouse had a number of tattoos, which you can see in the gallery of albums and photographs that follow. We remember Amy Winehouse today and all days, as the jazz artist has forever left a mark on the music industry and beyond.