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Andrew W.K. To Host Show on Glenn Beck's TheBlaze Radio Network


Former Fox News Channel host Glenn Beck just announced that his news, opinion and entertainment network, TheBlaze, is expanding with TheBlaze Radio Network. While some may think that’s not a reason to party, this is: the self-proclaimed King of Positive Party, Andrew W.K., will be hosting a weekly two-hour program on the digital radio network.

Debuting on Saturday, May 2, America W.K. will give Andrew W.K. the opportunity to “host a raw and penetrating discussion of what it is to be alive, meaning, motivation, mindset, and making dreams come true.” The show also promises to be “a celebration of life itself, and all with a positive and honest outlook.” If you follow Andrew W.K. on Twitter, than you’re more than familiar with his positive outlook on life. If you’re not familiar, check out the gallery below to get a small taste of his infinite wisdom.

“When Glenn asked me to do my own radio show on TheBlaze, I was shocked but excited, as I knew he would allow me the unrestrained freedom to say exactly what I wanted,” Andrew W.K. said in a statement about his new gig. “If people never went outside their own box, life would be boring. After all, why would I only want to talk with people who already think exactly like me?” Watch the clip below to watch Andrew W.K go outside of his box on the Fox News show Red Eye.

“My relationship with Andrew W.K. is a perfect example of how two people can come together on what unites us,” said Glenn Beck when announcing the partnership. “He is open-minded, honest, loves his fellow man even though he may disagree with him, and is a natural entertainer.” For some strange reason, Beck left out Andrew W.K.’s best quality: the man knows how to party.

The America W.K. party starts May 2.