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Angry Birds Brows Go Viral on Instagram

In December of 2009, a Finnish company called Rovio Entertainment unleashed the app Angry Birds onto the world. And for those who had smart phones back in 2010, you most likely remember the worldwide hysteria this game caused. Everyone and their mother was obsessed with this damn game—with some calling the game "the largest mobile app success the world has seen so far." By 2014, the game had been downloaded over 2 billion times and earned spin-offs in the form of cook books, comics, movies, TV shows, and a plethora of memorabilia. Well, almost 10 years after the game first hit the app store, Angry Birds has also inspired a Russian woman's brow game and earned her over 90,000 followers on Instagram. Take a look at the woman whose Angry Bird brows have gone internationally viral and let us know what you think of her strange love for the popular video game.

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