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Anime Tattoos

In the Western world, our cartoons range from childhood Disney classics to more mature contemporary favorites like Family Guy and Futurama. But in Japan, they approach animated entertainment in an entirely different light and have permanently altered cartoon culture. In Japan cartoons are called anime and it can span across an infinite number of genres; you have action, comedy, drama, magic, romance—there's an anime out there for everyone.

Despite the fact that anime is based out of Japan, many popular titles have made their way into American culture. Pokémon, Dragon Ball Z, and Sailor Moon have all had big success with Western audiences. Anime is something that has the ability to appeal to multiple demographics because of the compelling story arcs and fantastic artistic displays that keep audiences everywhere engaged. The stories and characters behind some of the most iconic anime features have truly revolutionized our understanding of what a cartoon is and many individuals show their admiration for this asian art form through tattoos. Here are some of our favorite anime tattoos that perfectly exemplify the exaggerated emotion and vivid brilliance of popular Japanese animation.