This Sexy Russian Tattoo Model Is Heating Up Moscow


Prepare your eyes for 15 steamy photos of Russian tattoo model Anna Aksyuk. Her killer booty in photo #8 is complimented by an incredible back piece.

Russian tattoo model Anna Aksyuk pretty much does everything in a bikini. Like most people, she wears them to swim but also to ride motorcycles, play baseball and snowboard. Her go-to attire may come as a surprise to you considering she is a Moscow native, but like most Instagram models Anna finds her way around the globe to beautiful destinations. Her sharing of these sexy tropical posts makes people jealous for two reasons: First, because they are not her (or with her) and second, because they are not on a beach somewhere foreign basking in the sun, probably getting paid.

Below, find 15 reasons Anna is too hot for Moscow—or anywhere—to handle.