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Photographer Captures The Pain of Being Tattooed Perfectly

Photographer Anne Burlock Lawver has mastered the art of candid pictures. The New Yorker took to Gunmetal Tattoos in 2013 to capture people getting inked. Whether or not this was her intention, Lawver managed to make the pain involved with the process very clear. Throughout the gallery titled Tattoo Parlor, you truly feel the needle violently poking at your skin; the images may even make you want to postpone this weekend's shop appointment.

All the while, her shots beautifully represent the passion tattooed individuals feel towards their work and the focus only tattoo artists can maintain. Lawver told Slate, "The beauty I saw and tried to convey through my work was both the physical beauty and emotional beauty of the individuals during their private experience.”

Check out the images that prove the product is worth the pain.