Anthony Bourdain Gets New Tattoo in Malaysia



If you’ve ever watched any of Anthony Bourdain’s TV shows, then you know that they’re not just about experiencing the food of other cultures, but also about experiencing the cultures themselves. Recently, Bourdain posted an Instagram that shows himself getting a hand-tap tattoo while he was visiting Sarawak, Malaysia. See the photos in the gallery below.

The unconventional ink method was not the first time getting tattooed for the traveling chef/TV host. On his show “The Taste,” Bourdain got matching tattoos of the show’s logo along with co-host/L.A.-based Chef Ludo Lefebrvre. Bourdain also has a snake on his forearm, and on his left shoulder he has an “ouroboros,” which is a snake eating its own tail, representing death and regeneration. “A little too optimistic for me,” Bourdain says in an episode of Miami Ink on which he appeared. In the 2007 episode of Miami Ink, Bourdain visits Chris Garver to get a tattoo of a skull on his right shoulder. On an episode of his show “The Layover,” Bourdain got some more ink in Miami—this time a circular design with a foreign text representing the notion of epoch. It means “I suspend judgment,” Bourdain explains. Acoording to Bourdain, living by this notion leads to an unperturbed, happy life. It seems like he’s got that down to a science. There was also that episode of “No Reservations” that Bourdain got tattooed at the South by Southwest music festival while partying with the band Sleigh Bells. Sounds like a pretty happy life to me.

No word on what his new Malaysian tattoo is yet, but you can scroll through the gallery below to see the pictures of him getting the ink as well as photos of his other ink.