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Apparently, Cats Love Stripper Poles

If you were evaluating house pets by sexiness—I don't know why you would be doing, that but bear with me here—everyone knows that cats would definitely be crowned the champion. Dogs are too slobbery, hamsters smell terrible and aquarium dwellers tend to be, wait for it, cold fish. Cats are graceful, beautiful and independent—three things that the majority of people would consider sexy.

But did you know that cats have some serious game on the stripper pole? Oh yes, they know how to shake their moneymakers like the best of them. Enjoy this video of a German cat showing his owner how it's really done.

And, well, it turns out this is not the only instance of a cat wanting to flaunt its stuff on the pole. Considering another cat is watching I'm going to go out on a limb and call this the first feline strip club. Don't hate her for being on the pole, someone has to get a job to put milk in that saucer.

This little fur ball can't wait until it's her turn on the pole.

So, in summation, it turns out that cats love stripper poles! Who would have ever guessed? Considering that cats hate 99.9% of everything else in the world this comes as a bit of a shock. But we say, more power to you dancing felines! You get on that pole and do what makes you happy.

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