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Ariana Grande, the Queen of the Miniature Yet Meaningful Tattoo

Since getting her very first tattoo in 2012, a tiny outline of a heart inked on the top of her toe, Ariana Grande has mastered the miniature yet meaningful tattoo, going under the needle several more times over the years for small and discreet pieces that carry a great deal of meaning for the pint-sized pop star. In addition to her heart toe tattoo, Ariana has at least seven other miniature tattoos, including a French “mille tendresse” neck tattoo, a “Bellissima” tattoo on her side, a crescent moon piece on her neck, Hebrew and “Honeymoon” tattoos on her fingers, another heart outline tattoo on her finger, and a “Baby Doll” finger tattoo. Check out some of Ariana Grande’s tiny tattoos and learn the significance behind her adorable ink in the gallery below.