Ariel Winter in a Tub Wearing Nothing but Ink and Bubbles

ariel winter1

Modern Family's Ariel Winter has changed a lot since she first portrayed Alex Dunphy seven long years ago. While we may have first encountered her as a precocious little girl on the show she has without a doubt become a woman before our eyes, particularly in the content that she posts on her Instagram. The 18-year-old actress posted her raciest photo yet on Thursday—a shot of her in a tub wearing nothing but her ink, strategically arranged bubbles and some "lady bit pasties."

The photo was taken on the set of the upcoming film Dog Years where Winter will be starring alongside Hollywood icon and ultimate badass Burt Reynolds. We are not 100% sure whether the tattoos she is sporting in the many on set photos she has shared on Instagram are permanent or not, they may only be makeup for the film. But regardless of their permanence, once can't argue with the fact that Winter looks damn good with a couple of tattoos.

We're leaning towards guessing that the extensive tattoos she has been showing off recently are not all genuine, it would have been a lot of ink to get in a very short time period, we do know that Winter has gotten a handful of pieces from the world-renowned tattoo artist Dr. Woo. Earlier this spring Winter revealed that she had been tattooed by Dr. Woo not once, not twice but three times. Much to our dismay she did not post close up photos of the pieces so it's a little hard to tell what they are exactly, but if you look really hard at some of the photos in this gallery we're guessing that you'll be able to figure out.

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