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Ariel Winter is All Grown Up

Check Out This Child Star's Incredible Transformation

Since 2009, actress Ariel Winter has portrayed nerdy bookworm Alex Dunphy on the wildly popular sitcom, Modern Family. Winter's character is in great contrast to her older sister Haley on the show—who is ditzy, conventionally attractive, and popular. However, when it comes to Winter's persona in real life she is far from the wild flower we see on the silver screen. Since coming into the public as an adult, Winter has progressively developed a more mature and style sense of style. From posing on the red carpet to taking selfies on Instagram, Winters proves that she's no child star anymore and she's got the curves to prove it. Take a look at her incredible transformation from cute kid to Hollywood siren in the gallery below. Feel free to leave your thoughts on the young actress in the comments section on Facebook.

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