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Ariel Winter's Bottomless Snapchat of Her Butt Tattoo!

Butt Of Course!

Everyone knows Modern Family’s Ariel Winter is a fun loving rebel and she has taken that Joie de vivre in the form of tattoos lately. She recently has hit the parlors for some ink, and the other night she decided to show off a lettering tattoo on her butt cheek…in the form of a bottomless Snapchat shot!

In addition to the new lettering tat, Ariel has Greek writing on her right side, a tiger on her upper back, roman numerals on her elbow, a playing card spade on her wrist, a list of relatives' initials on her left side and the lettering on her butt cheek.

Screen Shot 2017-07-24 at 9.18.17 AM

Photo via instagram