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Art Impersonators

When it comes to coffee, there can be no substitutes, but if you’re the art duo Craig & Karl there can be a little impersonation. The New York and London based artists were recently inspired by an illy art collaboration to bring you IMPERSONATION: An Homage to Robert Wilson. Robert Wilson is an icon of the theater and a huge influence on Craig & Karl. Basically, the team saw the gorgeous coffee cups that were part of The Watermill Center illy Art Collection that was inspired by Robert Wilson’s style and signature “OK” symbolism. In a world where we are constantly trying to “break the internet,” the art did not stop with mugs and saucers as Craig & Karl created a line of digital art which incorporated two of Robert Wilson's stage characters.


Craig & Karl took the project one step further by extending their designs to some pretty impressive Wilson-inspired gifs to help promote the project (and prove that coffee really is the fuel of creativity). You can find this amazing and inspiring collection in two forms, The Watermill Center Espresso Cup Collection and The Watermill Center Cappuccino Cup Collection, at So make sure to take a look at this gorgeous collab and pick up the collection so you can have some of the coolest coffee cups this holiday season.

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