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Art Project: Motorcycle Masks

Give Artists Masks and They’ll Show You Their True Faces

No more bugs in your teeth thanks to our Art Project where creatives make incredible leather Weld Burn motorcycle masks look menacing.

Weld Burn is a company of one genius artisan, “Zombie Jake” Heaton, who hand-makes the incredible leather masks (lined with a bandana) you see across the following pages. “Some people describe riding a motorcycle like it’s a spiritual experience, I won’t say it is but I can’t say it isn’t either,” Heaton writes. “What I do know is that I love to ride and there are 1,000s of riders in the United States alone that will agree with me. Riding a motorcycle comes with it unique challenges and requires specialized gear. Much like rain gear, a face mask isn’t intended to be worn all the time, although with as comfortable as these masks are you might want to, but are instead great to have for when conditions aren’t perfect. Having a little protection against sand, rocks, other road debris and my personal favorite the ‘Mystery Mist,’ that sudden and unexplained mist that splatters across your face while riding that could be anything from RV sewage tank refuse to chocolate milk thrown out a window by some kid a lane over.” Fight the road scum by putting your toughest face forward with one of Heaton’s creations.