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The Artist Behind James Franco's Emma Watson 'Tattoo'

Last night actor and notable prankster, James Franco took to Instagram to post a picture of himself with a new tattoo of fellow actor Emma Watson. But don't worry, the tattoo that Franco posted was just another one of his tricks and in fact the work of graphic artist, Cheyenne Randall. Randall is the photoshop mastermind behind Franco's "Emma" tattoo and this is far from the first altered celebrity portrait that he has done. Randall was approached by Franco after a previous altered photo done of him with a tattoo portrait of Lana Del Rey on his neck was released and Franco decided that he wanted to fool the world by pretending that he had actually gotten Watson's portrait on his neck. Randall began exploring the idea of altering the photographs of famous celebrities back in 2013, after watching One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and wondering what A-list actor Jack Nicholson would look like covered in tattoos. Ever since, Randall has shopped the photographs of every big name in the book, even politicians like John F Kennedy and the Royal couple. Check out the gallery below to see famous figures like you've never seen them before.