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Artist Fights Back With Menstrual Blood and Knitting Needles!

Strength Thru Art!

When the Melbourne performance artist Casey Jenkins first contemplated this controversial art piece back in 2013 she entitled it Casting Off My Womb, however like so many aspects of this project it has come under interpretation and the title it is most commonly referred to as is, Vaginal Knitting.

This is how Casey explained to the world just what they could expect from her living art piece, "I’m spending 28 days knitting from wool that I’ve inserted in my vagina. “Everyday I take a new skein of wool that’s been wound so that it will unravel from the centre and I stick it up inside me... and then I pull out the thread and knit.”

Well, things don’t stop there and because of the tremendous negative reactions Jenkins received from Casting Off My Womb; she decided to follow up the piece with something even more controversial!


 Photo via youtube