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Artist Interview: Orge Kalodimas


Orge Kalodimas will be making the long trip from Athens, Greece to New York City to attend the Empire State Tattoo Expo next month. Before the mandala specialist arrives on American soil we decided it would be nice to get to know him a little bit better and he was kind enough to speak with us. You can check out a bunch of his work in the photo gallery below. 

Inked: How many years have you been tattooing?
Orge Kalodimas: Seven years.

How much time do you spend painting and drawing vs. tattooing?
I come to the shop at 7 in the morning and I draw until 10, then I tattoo for about 8 hours.

Mandalas are a recurring theme in your work, why?
I love the spirituality and the energy that comes from every mandala; also I enjoy the freedom and that there are no limits on every design.

Artist who inspires you the most?
I have to say God. My main inspiration for my designs comes from nature elements. In the tattoo world I think Jeff Gogue, not only for his art but mostly for his perspective in life—he has a very inspiring mind.


What's the most interesting collaboration you have been involved in?
I was part of a huge three-backpiece-one design collaboration with Marco Caldo, Corey Divine, Claudio Comite, Pierluigi Deliperi and Otheser (seen above). We tattooed in my booth in Sake Tattoo Crew, all together, for 2 days almost nonstop! Also I did an art print collaboration with Dillon Forte (the first image in the gallery below), to raise money to help Nepal recover from the earthquake.

Orge's print collaboration can be purchased at this link. Proceeds are distributed among many charities dedicated to help the people of Nepal rebuild after the devastating earthquake in April.