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Back to Black

Blackwork is becoming more and more popular nowadays and thanks to artists like Roxx and Chaim "DotsToLines" Machlev, the tattoo industry gets a chance to see some truly ground breaking geometric designs. When it comes to artists like Machlev who are perpetually pushing the boundaries of what really defines blackwork, we get to see incredible female back pieces like this one here.

Using negative space, solid line work, shading, dot work and more, this back piece pulls together multiple style variations of blackwork and combines them all into one. We love the variations that occur throughout the feather like pieces of this Machlev tattoo. Each section features an intentional moment of imperfection or difference that throws off the symmetry when viewed up close, but keeps the symmetry as a whole together from far away. The cool thing about this, as some of the feathers trail in slightly different directions or have additional segments added to them, is that this idea imitates nature more so than perfect symmetry would.

Another amazing feat that takes place in this piece is how well the design compliments the body of the wearer. Transferring line work and geometric designs from stencil to paper can be difficult, especially since straight lines and perfect circles don't necessarily line up with the curvature of the human form. Starting with the larger upper half of the back and condensing to the smaller piece on the lower back really flows beautifully with the natural forms as well as the geometric ones. This kind of design work showcases just how talented someone like Machlev can be when it comes to reworking shapes and minimalism.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "Sugar Skull" Stainless Steel Tea Spoon