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Barber Gives Free Cuts to the Homeless

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The Streets Barber is about to make your heart melt. Instead of walking by and ignoring the homeless people many New Yorkers and inhabitants of other cities and suburbs encounter daily, Nasir Sobhani gears his passion for cutting hair towards the betterment of others. In doing so, Sobhani has brought joy to countless people living on the streets around Melbourne, Australia because he believes a clean cut is a clean start (#CleanCutCleanStart). On his website he writes, "The joy I see in a person after getting groomed brings me joy." The tattooed gentleman got clean after abusing drugs and feels that serving others is the greatest high one could have. He's found a way to give back doing what he loves and hopes to inspire others to do the same along the way. The final cuts are dope, and truly a fresh start for these individuals. Brilliant work, Nasir!