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Barbie Like Totally Loves Inked Shop

Barbie is 56 and still at the top of every game: fashion, career and ink. Really, does any celeb relate to a wider audience? I was never much of a “Barbie girl” growing up, but it doesn’t take a fanatic to be familiar with the toy bombshell and her ability to transform into any woman she wishes to be—and a tattooed woman at that!

Miss Barbie has no shame in the controversy she’s caused over the years. On ET Online’s list: The 14 Most Controversial Barbies Ever, a tattooed Barbie appeared amongst pregnant Barbie, eating disorder Barbie and video girl Barbie. Listed was Totally Stylin’ Tattoos Barbie and her ink was only temporary, but when she premiered in 2009, parents grew enraged! Then, in 2011, the pink haired and tattooed tokidoki Barbie surfaced and she really stirred the parental pot. Way to go, girl!

We took a look back at the fashionista’s Japanese style tattoos and guess what? We’re thinking her favorite store is Inked Shop. Her entire look, the leopard leggings, cross bone tee, pink mini skirt, the skull bracelet, and yes, the glitzy stilettos, are all there. Her pet cactus, Bastardino, is unfortunately not for sale (but does anyone know where I can get one?). Barbie, like the women in our community, is known for being an unapologetic bitch and never downplays her accomplishments, even when parents freak over her pink ink. Happy Belated Birthday Barbie, you’re my new shopping BFF! By the way, who is your tattoo artist?

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Frozen" Scoop Neck Tee by Black Market Art

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Frozen" Scoop Neck Tee by Black Market Art