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We're Obsessed With Barbie's New Tokidoki Tattoos

Barbie, is that you? 

The perfect possession outdid herself. In celebration of tokidoki's 10th anniversary, the transformative toy debuted two brand new looks that turn heads–plastic and not. The newest members of The Barbie Collection are complete with purple (Platinum Label) and pink (Black Label) hair, sequin shirts and tulle skirts, and, oh yeah, tattoos. Barbie Squared, we may need to add you both to our gallery of female chest tattoos, or women with sleeves, or female back pieces, because you bitches have it all. And a great tattooist at that.

Seeing as tokidoki is a Japanese-inspired brand it is no surprise that the dolls are clad in Japanese style tattoos with a cartoony twist. In promotion of the new dolls, @barbie wrote, "There are so many ways to express your creativity! Whether experimenting with fashion or sharing your talent with others, we encourage you to be bold."

The new collection of Barbies will be available for purchase on September 1, 2015, but there is a major catch. To buy the Platinum Label version of the limited-edition dolls, customers must go on a treasure hunt through and seek out the purple Cactus Friend (see photo eight). The Cactus Friend will be your key to the hidden online store, and can only be found in two areas of the site. The badass Barbies are also being distributed to select stores.

Tokidoki Barbie first surfaced in 2011, with a shorter pink cut and a few less tattoos. You can check out her glam look right here. But first, you need to see the newest additions to the Barbie family and their tattoos. Girl power!