Barney Actor Now Works as a Tantric Sex Therapist


Would You Hire Sexual Healer Barney?

While many children's' TV characters have made a powerful impact on youngsters world wide, no fantasy friend made the impression that Barney has. First airing in 1991, Barney & Friends has taught young minds important life lessons through song and dance for over 25 years. The OG Barney actor, David Joyner, portrayed the anthropomorphic T-Rex from 1991-2001 and later went on to portray Hip Hop Harry, another beloved children's character. Yet, Joyner has since strayed away from the world of Hollywood and has created a second career that he's only recently gone public with. That's right, he now works as a tantric sex therapist and aids women in releasing their sexual energy for $350 per session. He's made a complete career 180 and it's time that you learned more about his controversial lifestyle change. Take a peek at a video in the gallery below, then let us know on Facebook in the comments section what you think of his exciting and erotic profession.


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