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Basma Hameed Inks Truly Life Changing Tattoos

Basma Hameed is helping to push the boundaries of tattooing in the best way possible and we love her for it! The last few decades have proven that tattoos can be taken far beyond the beloved pin-up girl flash and truly act as life changing mementos. With the growing popularity of mastectomy tattoos and using tattoos as methods of alternative therapy, it was only a matter of time until someone discovered another way to enhance someone’s life with ink. Basma Hameed is a cosmetic para-medical tattooist who specializes in camouflaging scars. After being inflicted with third degree burns that caused permanent scarring on her face, Hameed determined she was going to find a way to hide the scars that plastic surgeons and dermatologists could not treat for her. Her conclusion was to take the same methods of basic cosmetic tattooing and use them to ink a natural skin color over the redness of her scars. Her results were spectacular, as seen in the photos above. After successfully experimenting on herself, Hameed began to branch out in order to help others who have been inflicted by visible scarring. She has spent years perfecting her craft in order to make sure that her tattooing comes off like natural skin tones fit for the individual being tattooed. With two clinics, one in her home of Toronto and her brand new clinic in Chicago, Hameed has been cosmetically helping her patients overcome the same struggles she went through since 2011. With her work in such high demand, Hameed has also developed a scar camouflaging concealer for patients whose scarring is too fresh to tattoo right away. Her clinics specialize in working with patients who have suffered from scarring, breast cancer, the side effects of chemotherapy and vitiligo. With all of these incredible contributions Basma Hameed has really helped expand the possibilities of the tattoo world. You go, girl!