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Own Your Style with Beautiful Disaster

Photography By Jeremy Kramer

Beautiful Disaster is a brand all about owning every part of your personality. It promotes having class with a bit of edge to it, rockin’ stilettos and tattoos, raising hell and loving every part of yourself, whether it’s beautiful one day and a disaster the next. Most importantly, Beautiful Disaster is a brand designed for strong individuals by strong individuals and about strong individuals.

As one of our favorite women’s brands over at INKEDSHOP.COM, we wanted to get a chance to know the woman behind this incredible, inspirational, and attitude-filled brand. We got a chance to chat with Beautiful Disaster founder, Christie DuVarney to learn how her brand got it’s start, what really makes a beautiful disaster, and maybe how to raise a little hell along the way.

How did Beautiful Disaster first get started?
Christie DuVarney: Out of failure. Sounds strange, right? Most people don’t realize how many failures are actually parts of a success story. And so much like our customer, the story of how we started is full of mistakes, regrets and lessons learned. The idea was for an edgy brand for fearless girls, something equal parts cool and naughty. Hanky Panky Apparel was version one, GGBG (Good Girl Bad Girl) was version two and finally Beautiful Disaster. We were always trying to say Beautiful Disaster, however, we never said it exactly right until we trademarked BD.

What inspired the overall brand aesthetic?
Rock ‘n’ roll, tattoos and the girls. Our BD customers have been an important part of the evolution of Beautiful Disaster. We ask them what they want and we give it to them. This is their brand, not ours. Beautiful disasters identify with this line and we owe it to them to grow it the way they want.

Where do you find inspiration for your designs?
I know this sounds redundant, but from the customer, through our personal interaction with the girls. We find out what they like, what they listen to, what they drink, what they do for a living and how they feel inside. That is what gives us the most inspiration.

Photo by Jim Parks

Photo by Jim Parks

Your brand is known for making statements with your slogans. What have been some of your favorite design slogans?
“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” With courage and the support of your tribe, women can get through anything, especially if we stick together.
“Hating me won’t make you pretty.” This one is like a bitch slap for the haters! I love the brave feeling that happens when you wear this. Statement made.
“If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.” We are all unique and our differences make us amazing; we can spend a ton of time trying to fit in or blend in and women need to be reminded they were born to stand out!

What are some of your favorite design themes?
I am personally a huge Guns ‘n’ Roses fan, so I love GNR and 100 proof designs. And you can never go wrong with skulls!

Beautiful Disaster has been around since 2008. How has the brand evolved since it first launched?
The product line has expanded enormously; we have added headwear, swimwear, excessories (yes, that is spelled correctly) and a youth collection! We are trying to accommodate every wish we receive from our customers.

What made you want to create a brand just for women?
In 2008 you may remember a sea of over embellished clothing (Ed Hardy, etc.) and it pissed me off that most brands were men’s brands with a women’s brand on the side as an offshoot. We wanted a line for women that they could identify with and make their own. We deserve to be the purpose, not an add on.

Photo by Jim Parks

Photo by Jim Parks

Your web bio says the brand is where "glam and street meet to have a cocktail." How do you translate that metaphor into a cohesive collection?
Every rose has it’s thorns right? Good versus evil, naughty and nice, you get the picture. Our customers are part princess, part badass.

What are some of your favorite products/designs?
I am obsessed with our new beanies. Summer or winter, who cares? They are a little bit gangster, paired with a beater and that’s all I need. Well, maybe something on the bottom, too. [Laughs]

Do you have a favorite cut for your shirts?
Our racerback is seriously one of the most comfy tanks ever; however, we have a few new custom bodies coming out that I am freaking out over. Think favorite concert tee with a twist.

What's a great go-to for styling an outfit around a piece from Beautiful Disaster?
We love the idea of dressing our casuals up or down. You will catch me in a beater, beanie, leather jacket, jeans and converse or I may show up to a meeting in a BD tank paired with my suit. In fact, I once auditioned for The Apprentice and I wore a suit with a BD beater and Donald Trump asked me if I was crazy! (I told him “Yes!”) The go to is you. What do you want to wear? What do you want to say? How do you want to feel?

Describe Beautiful Disaster in one word.

Be on the look out for the Beautiful Disaster 2015 Swim Collection coming out this spring along with a new collection of custom cuts and fits! For more Beautiful Disaster, check out the gallery below to see some of our favorite products!