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Beauty and Talent - Cleo Wattenström

There's nothing like sitting down in The Tattoo chair, as you get ready to embark upon an ink session. There's that rush of adrenaline. That sense of anticipation and the ever so slight anxiety, because lets face it, no matter if its your first or fiftieth, getting a tattoo hurts.

However, one thing that is sure to help put you at ease is knowing your in the hands of a great artist, and the only thing better is having a great artist who is way on the eyes. Beauty and talent. Hey, that's where you are right now. So welcome to Beauty and Talent featuring Cleo Wattenström.

Cleo is as well known for her striking good looks (she is a profession) as she is for consistently laying down amazing black-and-grey tattoo work.

Based out of Sweden, Cleo does occasionally do a guest spot or hit the convention circuit. If she isn't coming to a town near you, she is definitely worth making the trip for.

 Photo via Instagram