Benji Madden's Head Turning New Ink


Thirty-two weeks ago, Benji Madden lit up social media with a very permanent sentiment of his love for wife Cameron Diaz, by inking her name across his chest. And while Madden of Good Charlotte is no stranger to getting rebellious ink his most recent tattoo may be his most ballsy piece yet. Saturday night, Madden made headlines while on the town with wife Diaz, sporting a skull tattoo... on his skull. After leaving celebrity hot spot The Nice Guy, in West Hollywood, Madden debuted a large and intricate geometric design on his shaved head. Although this is the first time that Madden is donning his tattoo for all of LA, he can be seen with the outline of the tattoo during filming of The Voice Australia five weeks ago. It is difficult to tell when Madden got the tattoo, as most of the time he is either wearing a hat or has hair to cover up the design.


While there isn't word on the artist responsible for Madden's latest ink, our bets are on either Grant Cobb or Scott Campbell, both have tattooed the Madden brothers over the past few years. It is uncertain whether or not Madden will choose to disclose the identity of the artist, as the mastermind behind his now famous "Cameron" tattoo is yet to be announced. It is safe to say that while he enjoys the perks of having a successful music career and a beautiful wife such as Cameron Diaz, Madden sticks to a life of privacy and the origins of his ink will most likely remain a mystery.

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