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Best Amputee Tattoos on the Net

This inspirational gallery shows off the best amputee tattoos in the world. These creative people are truly going to brighten your day!

When Life Gives You Lemons...

No one embodies human resilience more than amputees. Many lose limbs while fighting for our country, others lose them to disease or devastating accidents, and some folks are just born with a couple missing pieces. Overcoming the challenges involved in losing a limb is something that's inspiring to us all.

If your life has been touched by someone with an amputation, or perhaps you have one yourself, you know that theres no better medicine for coping with the inherent struggles that come with it than laughter. Nothing is more amazing than watching someone laugh in the face of adversity. With a bit of creativity, many people have made levity out of their loss with the power of tattoos. Inspiring others around them and letting us all know, "hey, it's not so bad! I can still have fun!"

The following gallery showcases some of the best amputation tattoos we could find and are sure to lighten up your day!

inknature amputee

Source: Instagram @inknature

Source: Instagram @inknature