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The Best Family Portrait Ever

For photo day tattoo artist Ryan Jenkins and his family go all out. 

Most kids hate family portrait day. You have to get dressed up in something uncomfortable and humiliating, you can't have any snacks because your mother is (rightly) afraid you'll spill on yourself and you have to sit still. It is essentially Hell on Earth for most children. The real reason kids hate family portrait day is because their dad isn't as awesome as Ryan Jenkins.

For their photo shoot Jenkins and his family got dolled up in their finest attire, just like everyone else does, but it is the next detail that sets them apart. They had makeup artist Dehsonae give the entire family a skeletal makeover before getting in front of the lens of Taadow69k. The results are beyond amazing. The Jenkins family are clearly the coolest family on Earth. We look forward to seeing how they plan to top this next year. Flip through the gallery below and try not to be too angry that your family portraits pale in comparison.