Guys Say It’s the Best Oral Sex They Ever Had!

Is this the future of sex?

Four years ago the Indiegogo launched a super successful crowdfunded project for the male sex toy Autoblow, a piece of artificial intelligence that claims to replicate this highly sought after human sexual technique. Company spokesmen reported that the scientists who created Autoblow A.I. at their facility studied over 130 hours of video concentrating on oral sex being performed on men and discovered there are 16 key mouth, jaw and head movements that are the building blocks of a great BJ.

real doll mouth 1

The Autoblow A.I. incorporates all these movements and is able to deliver 10 different oral sex experiences, including one that creates the important human element of surprise. We have to admit, we are not sure what that one is.


These 16 movements are activated by a microcontroller in combination with an I.R. beam sensor and magnetic field sensors to control a gripper. All this data manipulates a fleshy sleeve and activates a combination of any of the 250 different points along a five-inch-long “stroking plane” to deliver amazingly human-like oral pleasure movements to the user’s penis.


“We spent the last three years listening to feedback from our 200,000 Autoblow 2 owners and in response built the new machine that mechanically better replicates the gliding and friction combination of the mouth and hand that men experience during oral sex,” inventor Brian Sloan explains. “By using artificial intelligence to, for the first time, understand the mechanics of blowjobs, we discovered and replicated techniques that make using our machine feel less robotic and more human.”


If anyone is interested in the real science behind the Autoblow A.I., Sloan says the A.I. scientists who conducted the oral sex research for VIECI put together a scientific paper detailing all the methods involved in gathering up the data that oral sex themed movies, the A.I.’s learning methodology that helped the machine to mimic the blowjob techniques, and the possible other uses for the technology put into this futuristic sex toy.

real doll autoblow ai 2

The Indiegogo campaign launched on October 17 with a goal of raising $50,000 — and five days later, has already raised 74 percent of its goal. You can pre-order the AutoBlow A.I. here!