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Best Tattooed Halloween Costumes

There perhaps isn't a holiday more fitting to our lifestyle than Halloween. Tattooed people love dressing up in costume, love showing skin and love the horror genre. This is one of the holidays where you can let your freak flag fly and show off your creativity. Perhaps more fun than dressing up in costume is the ability to see other people's incredible costumes. We asked people in the tattooed community to use the hashtag #inkedween these past few days and we've had so much fun searching through the tags to see all the incredible costumes. Following are some of our favorite costumes, and of course there are a few Harley Quinns! Consider this the Inked Halloween Costume Contest, who won? We all did as we were able to see these incredible costumes. Remember it is only 364 more days until next Halloween and there is no such thing as starting a costume too early. Welcome to the Inked Halloween Party, wipe your feet and enjoy the (eye-)candy.