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The Best and Worst Pop Tarts of All Time

Teenagers, foodies, stoners and lazy morning people alike are all rejoicing at today's announcement that there will be five new flavors of Pop Tarts released in the not too distant future. The iconic breakfast pastries already come in a whopping 27 different flavors, but that doesn't mean that we can't get excited about five more. Although, while some of the new flavors sound insanely good—chocolatey carmel has us drooling on our keyboards—overall we're not that thrilled. I mean, does the world really need Pink Lemonade Pop Tarts? Probably not, and I'm damn sure they don't need half of these flavors that they have already. That being said, other flavors of Pop Tarts are truly a gift from the Gods that must be cherished. Check out the Top Five and Worst Five Pop Tarts of All Time in the gallery below.