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Beyoncé and Jay Z Show Off Engagement Tattoos for 9th Wedding Anniversary

Hip-Hop's Royal Family Skip the Bling for Ink

If there were any lingering doubts about the future of Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s relationship in the aftermath of that shocking elevator footage and the seemingly damning implications of Queen Bey’s visual album Lemonade, they were put to rest this week, thanks to a video montage Beyoncé posted on her Instagram page, where the oft talked about – but hardly ever seen – matching wedding finger tattoos she shares with husband Jay Z caught some on-camera time.

 Photo: Beyoncé/Instagram.

Photo: Beyoncé/Instagram.

Glimpse of Jay and Bey Getting Inked!

Video: Beyoncé/Instagram.

After releasing a new video and audio track for her 2015 song “Die with You,” which she dedicated to her husband, Beyoncé shared some touching home video clips on social media, including shots of her and Jay Z getting their matching “IV” Roman numeral wedding tattoos.