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Beyond the Ink: Alysha Nett Shoots Angela Mazzanti


Hello Inked fam!

Last time we spoke I was sharing my day with Monami Frost with you all. This time, I wanted to introduce you to Angela Mazzanti! This lady is one smart cookie. I learned that she moved to LA from Fresno after turning a bad situation into a triumphant one! She’s super smart, has great tattoos, and like medical marijuana. Now that’s a babe I can get behind!

Check out the interview below to learn more about her charitable prop 215 event, Compas Sesh, her role in the marijuana industry, and how she got started modeling. Don’t forget the gallery of smokin’ hot pics! We shot these photos in Los Angeles a month ago and now that summer has (technically) left us, I felt like these pool shots really let summer live on forever.

Until next time!

Alysha xo


Hi Angela! It was so fun shooting with you—you’re a natural in front of the camera. How long have you been modeling?

It was great shooting with you! You're such a doll, so I've been modeling about 7-8 years currently.

What got you in to modeling?

I actually used to take a bunch of selfies and have always been pretty body confident when it came to nudity. Someone from my hometown actually tried to "shame" me by posting pictures of me on this website called Is Anyone Up? [don 't look it's a nasty shame site]. Where people could post embarrassing photos and write mean stories about people they didn't like. Well the post about me flipped around and I got a lot of positive response and had a photographer who shot for a magazine hit me up and wanted to pay me for a shoot and publish me. After that I just kinda kept running it. I put in a lot of hard work and ended up saving up enough to move from Fresno to LA and continue my dream full-time.

What would you say are your favorite things about being in front of the camera?

I love the confidence I get from it, growing up I did used to be very insecure until I got out of high school, so being in front of the camera and getting a lot of positivity back has made me a lot more confident. Plus, since I've had a lot of girls asking me for advice, it really makes me happy that I can inspire anyone to push for their dreams.


I know that you work in the medical marijuana industry, can you tell us about what it is that you do?

Yes! I started out working for companies booths at events and now I'm hosting events, interviewing companies at all the events and making more of a name for a personality than just a model in the industry. I've smoked since I was about 18 and always had a genuine love for it so it's great learning more about products/growing/ and all of the industry and how it genuinely helps people.

Compas Sesh sounds fun!

Compas Sesh is a prop 215 event I host. It's a once a month event for all California medical patients. Unlike the events that charge people, our event is no cost. All we ask for is a donation such as canned goods, dog toys, kids shoes, etc, that we donate to the LA Mission and other charities—giving us all a chance to give back rather then putting money in our pockets.


That sounds awesome! Do you participate in a lot of events like this?

Yes! I do all the California events and some Colorado ones such as High Times, Blacklist, Chalice, High Life and others. Lately I've been doing event coverage and interviews for Cannabis Capitol, a YouTube channel you can find to see all prop 215 event coverage and dispensary spotlights.

Ok, next topic, your tattoos. You have SO MANY. How long have you been getting tattooed?

I started when I was about 18 and I'm 25 now so about seven-eight years. I always wanted to be covered because I love the art and expression of it.


Do you have one particular artist or are you a collector?

I like to collect from multiple artists who specialize in Traditional and Neo-Traditional.

When do you see yourself being finished or will you ever be?

I'd like to have majority of my body covered without being able to see skin. The only areas I don't want to tattoo are my chest, front of my neck, and my face.

Alysah Nett

Do you have any more tattoo work coming up soon?

Nothing planned but I do need to start on a back piece and finish some work I still need color in soon.

What about other projects? Any work projects we can be on the look out for?

I'm going to be working more for Cannabis Capitol starting in October so we'll have a full show on YouTube. Will be creating my own Youtube account and going to have a lot of Compas Sesh and other seshs coming up.

Where can everyone find you on social media?

Mainly I use Instagram also you can check out my website