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Beyond the Ink - The Lovely Madison Skye


Alysha Nett checks in with us as often as her busy schedule will allow to give her insight on modeling,tattoos and art. She even throws in a recipe from time to time. We all know how good she looks in front of the camera, but now she has flipped the script and is shooting her sexy friends. Alysha always makes sure to include plenty of sexy pictures of her exploits, so check back often to see what she’s been up to. 

Hello Inked!

I’m sure this beauty doesn’t need much of an introduction, but just in case you don’t know, this is the beautiful Madison Skye. She was visiting SoCal from Canada and contacted me to shoot. I was more than happy to take pictures of this tattooed goddess and I knew you guys would be happy to see them!

Hi madison! I’m so happy we got to meet and shoot. You have some of the best tattoo work I’ve seen! Can you introduce yourself for those that may not know?
Well my name is Madison Skye, I'm a 26 year old barber and alternative model based out of Toronto, Ontario. I spend a lot of my time shooting and taking care of my puppy Gunner. I love hanging out at home, drinking tea and, of course, watching Netflix.

First off, how was your trip to LA? I’ve never been to Canada, I really want to go!
I've been to LA a couple of times now but I have to say that this was my best trip to LA so far! I got to do a ton of amazing shoots and see a lot of the surrounding areas such as Santa Monica, I got to ride the pier Ferris wheel. Got to check out Venice and Huntington Beach! I love the heat so it was nice having great weather everyday! I always say I was born in the wrong country because I hate the cold and Canada gets pretty chilly!

Were you able to fit in a lot of shoots while you were here?
I didn't want to load up this trip with too many shoots. I wanted it to be more vacation but I ended up doing about 6 shoots! All the photographers I worked with were awesome and I got tons of great photos back.

Busy lady! How do you balance shooting and also being a barber?
My boss is really chill and understands my modelling and how much time I put into it! So luckily I work at the barber shop 3 times a week and shoot on my 4 days off! More days off to be more busy, haha.

How long have you been cutting hair?
I've been doing hair for the past 7 years! I started off doing women's hair, cuts and colours but then realize that my passion for hair is more in the barbering aspect! So now I've been barbering for 2 years.

What is it that you love about doing men’s hair?
I love doing men's hair because it's more challenging and I think it's more complicated then women's hair with all the fading and cutting techniques. I also love that men are a lot more easy going then women, haha.

What is the barbershop environment that you work in? Are you the only female?
I am the only female barber that works at Town Barber but all the guys are really awesome and everyone is super supportive of each other. I couldn't ask for a better team to be part of. We all have fun and pick on each other and joke around, they're all chill and good guys!

How do you feel about all of your tattoos? And your modeling?
I like the majority of my tattoos, I do have a lot but I really don't notice them anymore. I more so notice the spots I need to fill in! The tattoos have really helped with my modeling and getting me gigs. I like to be busy and keep my following up to date with new content and posts so I try to shoot as often as possible. I do like to take breaks here and there from it but I believe it's something I'll be doing for awhile!


How long have you been modeling?
I started doing shoots when I was 15. I would shoot with my friends for fun and when I started to get tattooed I realized I would never be a high fashion model, didn't have the height and I had a couple tattoos already so I decided to go the route of an alternative model and get more work done. When it started to pick up I decided to take my modeling career further by moving from Nova Scotia to Toronto to work with more people and have more opportunities, which has totally benefitted me. Right now I have been modeling for over 10 years, four years seriously.

What do you think helped you get to where you are with your large online following?
I think a lot it has to do with the awesome people that I have had the opportunity to work with. I have a lot of love and support from my following which helps and keeping a frequent presence online with my Instagram and posting new content often keeps my page fresh and my following updated. I have a lot of my images reposted so then more people see it and follow my page. I've been very fortunate that people love what I do and wanna see what I am up to.

Where do you get most of your tattoos done and who is your go-to artist?
I've got work done from all over. I use to stick with one artist but I love all different styles of tattoos so I started getting work done by other artists! Mostly my tattoo work has been done by artists in Halifax, Nova Scotia and Toronto.

My go to artist is my good friend Tyler Harrington he works in a shop called Anchor Rose in Santa Rosa, California. His work is very vibrant and I love the colors he works with. I just really love his work, he is very passionate about his career and it shows in his art! He is amazing!

Any new pieces we should be on the look out for?
Currently I am working on my back piece. It's a long process since I have to travel to San Francisco every two months to have my friend Tyler work on it! I really want to finish some previous pieces I have and want to work on my left thigh. No solid plans yet!

Last but not least, where can we follow you on social media?
I'm really bad at keeping up with multiple social media accounts so right now I just work a lot on my Instagram I also have a big cartel shop where you can purchase prints.

And I do all my bookings through my email :)