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Beyond the Ink: Samii Ryan x Alysha Nett Video Premiere

Alysha Nett checks in with us as often as her busy schedule will allow to give her insight on modeling,tattoos and art. She even throws in a recipe from time to time. Alysha always makes sure to include plenty of sexy pictures of her exploits, so check back often to see what she’s been up to. 

Part of why I love blogging for Inked is that it makes me test myself and push my creative limits in order to bring you guys something new and fresh every time. I have always wanted to experiment behind the camera doing video work. When my friend Samii Ryan told me she wanted to do a sexy, sultry video to A$AP Rocky’s song “L$D," I practically begged her to let me try. I think the conversation went something like… “Hey, if it sucks I won’t want to put it out so you have nothing to lose.” Haha. My powers of persuasion amaze me everyday.

She took a chance on me and we knocked it out at my studio space downtown. I have a lot of work to do to perfect this craft, but for this being my first time shooting, directing, producing, and editing a video like this, I must say I am kind of proud of myself.

Check the video below, we hope you like!