Bikini Baristas Show Off Ink While Serving Drinks


Photo Gallery Follows the Video and Text

Every morning we go through the same struggle to wake up and get ready for the day. Throughout years of practice shaking the cobwebs out in the a.m. we have discovered that there are two amazingly helpful tools—coffee and hot, tattooed people. Some geniuses in the Pacific Northwest must have been reading our thoughts as a new trend of bikini baristas has popped up all across the state of Washington.

First off, for those who have never ventured to that area of the country, almost everywhere you look there are these little pop up coffee shops. They appear all over the place—parking lots, used car lots, on the side of the road—and are so plentiful that many need to do a little something extra in order to stand out from the crowd. Bring in some hot tattooed women, have them disrobe to the bare essentials, and boom! You have the sexiest little coffee joint in town. And don't worry ladies, women are not the only ones getting rid of their clothes in order to get an edge in the java game, you can pick up an espresso from a beefcake at a few of these innovative stands.

Zagat created a video (below) looking into the coffee spots that offered a little extra perk but there was one element that they didn't pick up on, almost all of these baristas are tattooed! Sure, most customers are probably enticed by the general lack of clothing, but we are more excited about all of the ink on display. Getting the opportunity to gawk at alluring tattooed men and women gets our hearts racing almost as much as when we pound a Red Eye first thing in the morning.

As with most of the things that people love it turns out that some people don't think the bikini baristas are a good idea and are working on litigation that would shut down their operations for good. Why can't people just mellow out and enjoy life for a little bit? Nothing untoward happens at these shops, the only difference is that the barista might earn an extra couple bucks in tips from customers that enjoyed the view. Lighten up. Thankfully, as of today there haven't been any restrictions on the shops.

After the video below you can see a gallery of some of the men and women working at these baristas. So, who wants to move to Washington?