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Bishop Briggs on Her Debut Album, Sarah McLachlan, and Fifty Shades Freed

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What's the name on everyone's lips? Why it's Bishop Briggs of course! Briggs is one of the biggest rising stars of the last several years, earning her way to the top of the charts with singles"River" an "Wild Horses." Hell, she even earned a spot between Rita Ora and Julia Michaels on the Fifty Shades Freed soundtrack. Now, on 4/20 of all days, she's putting 100% of her heart into the world—by dropping her first album entitled Church of Scars. We caught up with the alt-pop diva to discuss rise to the top of the music industry and what's up next for Bishop Briggs. Check out the full video in the gallery below, as well as our exclusive review of her breakout album.

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