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Black and Grey's Newest Generation

Today's tattoo of the day is this amazing black and grey piece by Danny Lepore. The now 23-year-old Lepore began tattooing at the age of 17, yet he has already found success under his mentors Victor Modafferi, his boss at Bullseye Tattoos, as well as the esteemed black and grey tattooist, Carl Grace. Lepore's surrealist work has been catching eyes from tattoo collectors around the world and has now landed him the cover of Freshly Inked magazine.

Take a look at today's pick, one of Lepore's featured pieces in his upcoming Freshly Inked cover article. We love the duality this piece represents, both literally and metaphorically. Contrasting ideas of life and death along with surface level beauty and what really lies beneath the skin, Lepore's decision to split the figure's face down the middle conveys all these cool concepts in a single glance.

We love the tree and branch themes carried throughout the entire piece. Stemming from the tattoo's bottom border and reaching up into the branches above the figure's face, this cool aesthetic even pops up in the makeup running down this skeletal girl's face and across her forehead. As disturbing as this image could have been, Lepore's eye for design brought this piece into a beautiful finish rounded out with gorgeous highlighting and smooth shade transitions.

For more amazing work by Danny Lepore check out his artist's page right here and make sure to pick up the latest issue of Freshly Inked. You can preview the new issue right here.

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "La Mort De Coeur" Necklace by Alchemy of England

Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: "La Mort De Coeur" Necklace by Alchemy of England