Black Man Receives White Penis In Transplant. Will Tattoo It To Match His Skin Color.


Welcomes His Newest "Member"!

Seventeen years after a 40-year-old Black man from South Africa lost his own penis in what was supposed to be a routine circumcision procedure is about to be the recipient of a penis transplant. The only caveat is that the donor is a White man.

A team assembled between South African doctors from Stellenbosch University and the Tygerberg Academic Hospital performed their second successful penis transplant onto a man, whose identity is being kept anonymous.

Since the man is Black, he has stated he will seek the services of medical tattooing to have the newest “member” of his body match the color of the rest of his natural skin color. Medical tattooing is a pretty common; and a very similar procedure is done to conceal skin imperfections, including vitiglio — which causes patches of white skin to appear on people with dark skin.

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Photo via Stellenbosch University