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'Blindspot' Star Adds a Permanent Tattoo to Her Collection

Every week Jaimie Alexander appears in living rooms across the country as the heavily tattooed Jane Doe on the drama Blindspot; now the star has gone and added a real tattoo to her collection.

For those that don't know the show, the plot of Blindspot revolves around a woman who is found in Times Square with no memory and a body completely covered in tattoos. Each tattoo ends up holding a clue that helps unravel a mystery that is still going to this day. Alexander undergoes hours upon hours of makeup to put on her tattoos before filming and it appears that she liked the way that she looks with all that ink because she just got a beautiful tattoo on her hip from East Side Ink's Joshua Lord. 

A super closeup view of Lord's work.

A super closeup view of Lord's work.

Lord inked an impressive looking beetle (we think it's a scarab but our entomological skills are weak) that thanks to the placement somehow manages to be sexy. The only other time someone has mentioned a sexy beetle they were talking about John Lennon, but Alexander's hip tattoo really is alluring.

"Did everyone watch Blindspot last night!!" Lord posted on Instagram. "I had the honor of doing a real tattoo on @JaimieAlexander while #jenn and B Paul kept us laughing way too much."

Lord hard at work tattooing Alexander.

Lord hard at work tattooing Alexander.

According to the hashtags that Lord used this appears to be a cover up tattoo. Well, hats off to you Mr. Lord, it is damn near impossible to tell that there was ever something there before.

It would be really cool if the writers of show find some way to work in this actual tattoo into the storyline of the show, although it may be a little bit too late to do so. Regardless, we love that Alexander has been adding some ink of her own.

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