Blink-182 To Play Musink Without Tom DeLonge


It's been almost impossible to get on social media today without seeing something Blink-182 related. A large part of the east coast has spent the last 24 hours preparing for a blizzard hashtagged as #Snowmageddon2015, and yet the number one thing to bypass that trend on Twitter is Tom DeLonge's name.

If Kim Kardashian's Paper Magazine photo shoot couldn't break the internet, the all out media battle between DeLonge and the other Blink-182 members, Mark Hoppus and Travis Barker, just might. In short, Blink's publicist released a statement that claimed DeLonge was no longer going to "participate in any Blink-182 projects indefinitely," a statement DeLonge quickly took to Instagram and Twitter to counter, stating that he did not "quit the band." Since then, Barker and Hoppus have only released an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone confirming DeLonge's lack of involvement in upcoming Blink-182 events, which was again promptly countered by DeLonge on Twitter who claims there is much "more to the story."

All of this controversy comes up surrounding two major events: the recording of the next Blink-182 album and the live show at Barker's music festival/tattoo convention Musink. Right before the band's publicist released the statement that started this onslaught of Blink-related tweets and hashtags, Barker and Musink officially released the line-up for the eighth annual Musink Festival. The headliners announced for the three day festival were Rancid, Bad Religion and Blink-182 with Matt Skiba, the frontman of Alkaline Trio and the man Blink-182's publicist is claiming will take the place of Tom DeLonge for the festival.

Though the actual line-up for Blink-182 is unclear at the moment, the announcement of the Musink roster has also informed us that tattooists Nikko Hurtado, London Reese, Big Sleeps, Corey Miller, Bob Tyrrell and many more will all be in attendance.

For more on Blink-182, check out our exclusive 2012 interview with their drummer and the man behind Musink, Travis Barker.

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