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Body Mod Enthusiast Wants To Look Like Sexy Elf

And Is Unrecognizable

It seems as thanks to modern times and social media, people have the urge to change their look more than ever. When nose jobs and boob jobs are so passé and so ‘90s, extreme plastic surgery in combination with body modification is still big incoming. The alien-like look and genderless appearance are high in demand.

Another body mod enthusiast is on the social media radar for extreme transitioning. Meet the self-proclaimed “plastic surgery model” Luis Padron, who spent more than $60,000 on plastic surgeries, but don't assume he's done.

The Argentinian elf look-alike changed quite a bit over the years, but still has a long way to go. From hairline surgery to eye-color change, Padron is just getting started.


Image via @luispadron.elf