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The Bold and Beautiful Whitney

Fortune favors the bold, as they say, and it is certainly smiling upon Whitney Page. Today's Inked Girl of the Day had spend ten long years working as a hairdresser before making the bold decision to throw aside that one passion for pursue her true dream—singing. While you may not be able to tell how she sounds by looking through her gorgeous photo set but one thing is for certain, Whitney definitely has the looks to become a star.

As you take a look at the lovely Whitney and her tattoos, most of which are done in the American Traditional style, notice the way she wears her loves on her skin.

"I have a blowdryer and a scissors and comb dedicated to my love of my first career," Whitney says. "I have a old school microphone on my shoulder to represent my love of music."

Dating a tattoo artist can have both perks and consequences and Whitney has become acquainted with both. On the one hand, she could stroll into the shop at pretty much any time and get some ink for free. But on the other hand, when the relationship went south she was left with a bunch of unfinished pieces.

"My next tattoo will be finishing my damn arm!" Whitney exclaims. "My ex boyfriend did all the work I'm currently looking for a new artist. I am a work in progress but the journey is beautiful."

We couldn't agree more. You can see all of Whitney's alluring photos at her two Inked Girls profile pages here and here. If you think that you have what it takes to be our next Inked Girl of the Day please submit your portfolio here. 

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