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Boy Attacked by Microscopic Piranhas!

Nasty Little Critters!

Australia is definitely one of the most beautiful and exciting spots on the planet. Unfortunately it is also one of the most dangerous when it comes to nature, including venomous snakes, man eating sharks, deadly insects and deadly heat just to name but a very few.
However, a new threat was added to list this week when Sam Kanizay a 16-year-old by from Melbourne, Australia decided to cool off after a ball game in the refreshing waters of the popular bathing spot of Brighton Beach.
Well, after 30 minutes in the waist high water the refreshing dip turned into a terrible plunge – when Sam stepped out of the water the lower part of his legs were bleeding profusely!


 Photo via youtube

Video of Lysianassid Amphipods

He took a bucket of water home, threw in some meat and filmed what happened to it. Tiny little creatures that he had never seen before were devouring the meat. It turned out that sea fleas, also called lysianassid amphipods and sea lice, a type of crustacean, were eating up Sam.