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Mr. & Mrs. Jolie-Pitt Got Tattooed Together

Angelina Jolie-Pitt and husband Brad Pitt both got new tattoos while on vacation with their big family. The couple spent the beginning of 2016 in Thailand and Angelina's tattoos are usually inked by traditional Thai tattooer Noo "Sompong" Kanhphaiin, so there is a good chance they were done during that time.

Mrs. Jolie-Pitt's new tattoo on her right shoulder blade mirrors the existing ink on her left shoulder blade. The tattoo on her left shoulder blade is dedicated to her son Maddox's birthplace, Cambodia, and it is written in Khmer script.

Additionally, both tattoos are made up of Five Sacred Lines, or Hah Taew. Hah Taew represents five chants in an effort to create magical spells. Every spell is to provide a sense of protection whether it be against bad fortune or unjust punishment. The Five Lines also welcome success in love and in life.

Between her shoulder blades and beneath her "know your rights" tattoo, the 40-year-old actress also inked another Sak Yant style tattoo. While we do not know the exact meaning of this tattoo it is likely her new ink is symbolic of her children, as many of her existing tattoos are.

Mrs. Jolie-Pitt also got a tattoo in December 2015 on her left forearm. For photos and details on that, click here.

Angie's husband Brad also debuted new ink over the weekend on his rib cage. The Bob Dylan lyric, "We live, we die, we know not why; But I'll be with you," rests above what appears to be a Sak Yant tattoo of his own.

Regarding the couple's marriage, it's evident those recent divorce rumors are far from true. Keep getting tattooed, you two, and congrats!

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