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Brantley Gilbert Backs the Second Amendment With Ink

It's no secret that people in the United States tend to feel very strongly about their constitutional rights; people fight over them and elections are swung by politicians agreeing to protect them. While some of the amendments are rarely argued over—nobody cares that the 20th amendment changed the date of the presidential inauguration—others are particularly divisive. None more so than the Second Amendment, the right to bear arms.

Country music star Brantley Gilbert decided to exercise his First Amendment rights (freedom of speech) by getting the words to the Second Amendment tattooed on his back by black and grey wizard Carl Grace. Considering the dry language of the Constitution (it's over 230 years old and a legal document, what were you expecting, poetry?) the tattoo by Grace is actually very creative. Instead of plainly saying "Second Amendment," Grace used two handguns to create a Roman numeral two underneath the word amendment.

Gilbert shared a picture of his brand new ink on his Facebook page yesterday. We might be reading a bit into things, but it seems like he was pretty stoked. "So BG nation.... I wanted to take my support of the 2nd amendment to another level, so my boy Carl Grace came by the house and hooked me up yesterday!!!"

Regardless of how you feel about the gun control issue you have to hand it to both Gilbert and Grace when it comes to this tattoo; the former because it is such a bold way to show support and the latter due to the beauty of the piece.

You can check out more of the sick work that Carl Grace has done by clicking on this link. If you want to see more gun tattoos from other fans of the Second Amendment click here. And if you want to learn more about Brantley Gilbert and hear his tunes click here.

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Available at INKEDSHOP.COM: Women's "Stick to Your Guns" V-Neck Tee by Rudechix