Brazilian Beauty Ludmilla and Her Bangin’ Butt!


We Would Come a Callin' Too!

This South American bombshell has been tearing it up way south of the border for a few years now but most of America doesn’t know who Ludmilla is…well that could be since back in 2013 she was embroiled in a weird business “scandal” involving her business manager and the changing and her name from MC Beyoncé to Ludmilla. She went as far as to record a retirement video that went like this:
Hi, guys, I'm not here to give good news. My dream was always to have a band, dancers, everything. Only I found that I was being too stolen by my manager. So, I did not want in my whole life, stay in that sameness, I wanted band, dancers, being an artist himself. And he never wanted to invest in me. When I try to walk with my own legs, he began to make threatnings my family, my mother, myself to death. Ending my dream. So, I wanted to tell you guys that I'm no longer singing, the MC Beyoncé is over.

 Then the singer recorded another video, saying the previous video was a misunderstanding and that she would continue her career. Hours later she recanted and announced on Twitter that she would not quit singing, but she would quit with her manager and start a new career under a new stage name, Ludmilla, her birth name.

Watch that Butt Go a'Bangin'!

"My Brazil! You do not know who called me on the direct! The Usher! With that video of the ride. I'm shocked by now. He noticed me! He knows I exist, "Lud celebrated without revealing the message.”