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British Couple Tattooed On 95% Of Their Bodies


We’ve all heard that cliché love story a million times: woman gets divorced, woman goes to tattoo shop to get tattoo celebrating that divorce, woman falls for her tattoo artist, woman and tattoo artist get married and proceed to cover their bodies in ink together. Wasn't Sandra Bullock in that one?

For Jacqui and Curly Moore, a British couple from Oxford, that story is their real lives. The couple met in 2003 when Jacqui came into Lionel’s Tattoo Studio in Oxford and asked Curly to design a dragonfly tattoo for her back to symbolize her newfound freedom after her divorce. Jacqui and Curly hit it off, went out for a drink, and, well, you know the rest.

As the relationship progressed, so did the ink on Jacqui’s body. She already had a few tattoos before meeting Curly, but now Jacqui nearly has her entire body covered. “I now have ninety-five percent of my body tattooed,” Jacqui says in an interview with the Mirror, “my breasts, my bottom and ‘other bits.’”

Curly is also covered from head to toe. “I have tattooed all my genital areas,” he said in the same interview. “It seems odd to miss part of your body like that.” Jacqui has spent 1,300 hours getting tattooed by Curly. “It is intimate giving someone a tattoo,” Curly says. “You’re touching them when you draw on their body, and that does things subconsciously, so Jacqui’s body feels like something special we’ve created together.

Scroll through the images below to see their work.